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Teams must register with the Organising Committee of the South East Ball Hockey Conference. Teams in turn must register their players in accordance with section 2.5 of the League Rulebook and fill out the League registration form. For further details please contact Alistair Gammond (League Registrar).

All Players must register with the South East Conference as well as with Ball Hockey UK. Please click here for the Conference Registration form and click here for the Ball Hockey UK form. 

Age Restrictions

Excerpt from the League Rulebook:

2.6.1 Players must be 15 years of age before they can compete in senior events OR have participated in a GB Junior World Championship squad (i.e., GBU16, GBU18, GBU20 – male or female). Exceptional young players who do not qualify as can also be eligible if approved by the OC. The player’s coach bears full responsibility for the decision to include younger player and any injuries related during the game.

2.6.2 Any player under the age of 18 years at the start of the season will be required to obtain parental/guardian consent and ensure it is on file with the Organising Committee. See 'Underage Waiver' below.

Underage Waiver

All players under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian sign a waiver. Please click here for the Underage Waiver.  

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