South East Conference RuleBook 2021-22 Season

The rulebook will govern play in all leagues run by our Conference. Please click here to go to page with rulebook.

Mandatory Equipment (extract from Rulebook)

3.6.1 A certified hockey helmet (with chin strap), gloves (ice hockey, ball hockey or lacrosse) are required by all (except goalies). The following equipment is strongly recommended: Jock/Jill, mouth guard, proper eye protection (i.e., certified half or full Visor or helmet cage, or sports goggles that are made of non-breakable plastic), shin pads and elbow pads. A waiver must be signed by all eligible players absolving league from all responsibility in the event of injury due to not wearing the recommended equipment.

3.6.2 All players under the age of 18, and all Women (ISBHF rule), must wear a certified helmet with a cage or full visor at all times. All players under the age of 18 must also wear a Jock/Jill.

3.6.3 All goalies are required to wear a helmet with a face mask, chest protector, blocker, catching glove, goalie pads, Jock/Jill and use a goalie stick.

3.6.4 All sticks must be fitted with a Butt End made of either plastic, rubber or tape of adequate size so as not to fit through a standard face cage.

Registration and Schedule

Registration will open at 09:00 and will close 45 minutes before each teams first match of the day. Only players registered in advance are eligible to play on the game day. For players not yet registered with the SouthEast Conference and BHUK, the deadline is the Thursday (ie the thursday immediately before game day) at 1pm.


Player Guidance to read

ALL players must read the return to play requirements. Please click here to read.

Venue - How to Find

All games are played at Bordon Roller Rink.  For detailed instructions on finding venue, please click here.

Team Zones and One Way System

All attendees are advised to use the Bordon one way traffic system. To view, please click here.

Game Schedule

For the Game Day schedule please click here. You may need to select "South East Ball Hockey League (Adults) 2021-22". Note, due to tight schedule warmups ONLY for where it is First game of day. All other games to go ahead without warmup.

Volunteer Schedule

For schedule please click here